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3 third interview

Cosname: Lala Peko
Location: Querétaro, Querétaro


I do not carry much in the environment of cosplay, only took three years cosplayer need not even consider me professional, unfortunately I have little time, yet there is little but long life so that future projects will makes wonderful results!

Until now I have 17 and soon 18 ♥ Cosplay

The cosplay I like??? mmm ... Well before I loved my dress and even Sebastian is still my favorite but now that I've seen series and "improved" I think I can say that my new favorite is Hsien-Ko / Lei Lei, but Sebastian always the number 1 for my career as a cosplayer and my heart

has been recognized for my work in the cosplay:

3rd place expoanime Queretaro, in June 2010, with hatsune miku costume
2nd place expoanime Queretaro, in September 2010, with Hatsune Miku (Cendrillon black dress) with taro oliver

How about being Cosplayer?

Wow! Good is the hardest question to answer for me personally because what being cosplayer for me is very important and it helps me a lot as a person both mentally and morally, as I use my imagination to make the costumes more complicated, more easy, weapons I always wanted my ideas using only my creativity I think that makes the magic of what one is made at the time of doing so, become, pump up the desired character I think is the most satisfying of my life.


oldest interview

first interview I was offered to answer Cosplay in queretaro

This interview was conducted a week ago
I am considered one of the best cosplayers in my state
I have been awarded second place
thank you very much for this honor

I'd like to share please read it:

  Peko Lala (Lala Peko)
002 cosplayer

NAME: Lala
COSNAME: Lala Peko
How long have you entered the WORLD COSPLAY?
Two years ago, the Road Kamelot cosplay of the anime series D. Gray Man
Approximately in 2008


11cosplay 's
my favorite is Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)

1 .- Road Kamelot (D. Gray Man)
2 .- gothic lolita cosplay
3 .- Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku and (Vocaloid)
4 .- Ichimoku Ren (Jigoku shoujo)
5 .- Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)
6 .- kaito (black rock shooter)
7 .- Ben 10 (Alien Force)
8 .- Light Yagami (Death Note)
9.-Haruhi Suzumiya
10 .- Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran Host club)
11 .- Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)

Yes, 3 times

2 times I came in second and third
Anime donated goods and especially the applause was great!

MESSAGE Cosplay:
Let our dreams, even further, although the eyes tell us that we are different, follow your passion and your dream!

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second interview

my second interview for the blog sakky-chan, this blog is intended to present to the other cosplayers of my country

Interview with Cosplayers

Lala Peko This short interview was conducted by sakyy-chan blog thank you very much for your time

started! go!


Favorite Mangas: xxx holic, Kobato, D. Gray man, gravitation , death note

Favorite Anime: Seto no hayanome, sensitive pornograph, Junjou Romantica, Kuroshitsuji, beyblade, get backers

Favorite color: red, blue, black

Favorite book: the perfume, the divine comedy

Favorite Movie: a difficult decision, the choir, The Notebook

Favorite music style: Gothic, classical 

Favorite bands: malice mizer, Megamasso, Olivia Lufkin, Ali Project, gackt, nightmare


1. How many Cosplays've made ​​so far and what?

(And miss more)

1.- Road Kamelot (d.Gray Man)

2.- cosplay gothic lolita

3.- Hatsune miku and hatsune mikuo (Vocaloid)

4.- Ichimoku Ren (Jigoku shoujo)

5.- Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)

6.- kaito (Black rock shooter)

7.- Ben 10 (alien force)

8.- Light Yagami (death note)

9.-Haruhi Suzumiya

10.- Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran Host club)

11.- Sasuke uchiha (Naruto)

12-rin okumura (ao no exorcits)

2. ¿Favorite Cosplays you have done?

hmm .. let's see Sebastian Michaelis!

3. How did you started in the world of Cosplay and does what?

In the world of cosplay started in 2008 with Road Kamelot cosplay series D. Gray Man, but I must confess to a hobby then was my inspiration and a personal achievement, but of course also be added to see a lot of cosplayers in several websites' s television but it was not until I saw with my own eyes

4. What do you like most about being cosplayer? The costumes!  and wigs

5. On what basis did you decide to cosplay do? For the character's attitude

6. In terms of implementation, Do you design yourself your cosplay? Some, but I strive every day to design the most complicated!

7. What is the hardest thing you have done a cosplay? The character of the character and some are very serious or very happy

8. Being a cosplayer Did you let that make your life experiences? If many are so many that I could not say which

9. Would you like to share some interesting anecdotes? Here it was a long time but it is interesting to tell it in a way, once the local state TV station where I live did a story on the cosplay fortunately I play out on television was a short time but it was interesting out 15 seconds is something!

10. What would you say to those people who are new to cosplay? Is a slogan but always remember and move on! • v •: Let our dreams, even if they are away, but the eyes tell us that we are different, follow your taste and your dream

11. Anything else you want to add? That would be all thanks!